About this project

The band wanted a slacker/Weezer vibe so, of course, the logical thing was to shoot it with a technocrane and a Superscope lens and do it in one take. We had eight axes of motion in the end:
1. Crane up/down
2. Crane left-right
3. Crane dolly
4. Crane head pan left/right
5. Crane head tilt up/down
6. Lens focus
7. Periscope left/right
8. Optical image rotation

Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
DP/Editor/Colorist: Dan Graetz
1st AD: Benjamin Evans
2nd AD/2nd AC: Liam Brennan
1st AC/Focus Puller: Nick Moore
Art Director: Tegan Bates
Key Grip: Mick Smith
TechnoCrane Technician: Ben Cursuri
Grip: Col Larsen
Art Department Assistant: Benjamin Gerbanas
Art Department Assistant: Alex Cummings