About this project

This one’s another example of our playback sync system saving days of post-production time. For the daytime shoot with the fans singing in their cars, we were able to wirelessly send the playback track to the fans and visually sync two cameras in separate chase cars that had been timecode-locked together. In some cases, we had two camera cars shooting up to three fan cars simultaneously – and everyone was hearing the same sync track.

The night shoot at Mt Gravatt Showgrounds was another Benjamin Evans producing/1st ADing miracle. The band performance was lit entirely by the headlights of the cars surrounding them. Needless to say, more than a few jumpstarts were required at the end of the night.

Director/DP: Dan Graetz
Producer/1st AD: Benjamin Evans
BCam: Liam Brennan
1st AC: Nick Moore
Camera Car Drivers: Ben Gerbanas & Tim McNaughton
2nd AD: Dayna Yates
Additional ADs: Angus Kirby & Ben Charpentier
Drone Pilot: Jeff Camden
Drone Operator: Michael Sloane
Additional Drone Pilot: Sam Charlton
Stills Photographer: Matt Warrell
Camera Assistant/BTS: Campbell Harris
Work Experience: Caleb Orr