Music Videos

In a post-Napster world, no-one is going to get rich making music videos.

That said, I’m a huge fan of the format, and it’s been a satisfying medium for testing new techniques, gear and concepts. The most successful clip experiences are when I get to collaborate closely with the band/artist themselves (rather than having things filtered through their management/label). My strength is in clips that feature the band/artist in a way that’s visually arresting – hence my passion for a good oner. If you’re after dreamy narrative sequences with randos walking through sunlit wheat fields, I’m probably not your guy.

I’ve been lucky to win some recognition in this field.  I’ve been twice nominated for Best Music Video at the ARIA Awards, for Violent Soho’s Covered in Chrome and Like Soda. And I’ve won Gold Awards at a state level at the Australian Cinematography Awards (Qld) for Ball Park Music ‘Surrender’, Violent Soho ‘Saramona Said’, and Jungle Giants ‘A Pair of Lovers’.

Executing a worthwhile music video is often a huge team effort, and that’s something I’m proud to be a part of.  Good examples of resolute collaborative vibes can be found in our behind-the-scenes clips. Below is a small selection: