Music Video Production

It’s an unfortunate reality that anywhere south of the highest echelons of music video production, it’s difficult to make ends meet as an artistic pursuit.  As such we haven’t actively promoted this service to date, only accepting projects for friends & colleagues when time permitted.  Having said that, we adore the format and we’re concocting ways of turning clips around more economically.  Here’s two videos which are good examples of differing approaches:

In the case of the clip for Holland’s debut single ‘No Control’ we worked for a major label, and despite them doubling the budget, still ended up working for free AND contributing our own money to the project.  Regardless, the end product was something we’re very proud of and we’d probably do it again :)

Jaymis’ clip for Cowper on the other hand was shot in one evening for no budget but thanks to a strong concept, has an equally appealing end result.

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