About this project

Not long after the whirlwind success of his debut single ‘Do You Remember’, Jarryd went on tour and commissioned us to capture four tracks live at the Metro in Sydney. The decision to film was made late in the piece. By the time we were involved, the show was well and truly sold out, so our challenge was to shoot adequate coverage with no fixed camera positions, navigating a packed house. We went with three roving cameras and mounted one of my motion control systems in front of the crowd barrier to capture dolly shots of Jarryd and the crowd. The moco system has a unique live event mode that lets you program a series of camera positions and then move between any combination of them at three different speeds.

Director/DP: Dan Graetz
Producer/Moco Operator: Benjamin Evans
Camera Operators: Brad Francis & Samuel Vines
Editor/Grader: Dan Graetz