Tender Presentations

Submissions for seven-figure projects shouldn’t just be reams of paper.

I’ve had the privilege of working with the successful proponents for some huge construction projects including Legacy Way, Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 2, Logan Enhancement Project, and Cross River Rail.

For each of these tenders, I’ve created executive summary videos with high production values, often featuring interviews with key team members, project flythroughs, and key infographics. In addition, I’ve been embedded with the proponents in the weeks leading up to their final presentation. During this time, I take their standard Powerpoint deck and convert it to a high definition motion graphics package, redesigning all the elements from scratch – often leveraging assets I’ve created for the executive summary piece.

I assist the proponents with the technical specifications of the presentation itself, often visiting the presentation space to ensure the right equipment is available. Then, on the big day, I’m at the back of the room with my own presentation computers (the same machines the team have been rehearsing on for consistency), ensuring that everything is correctly connected and formatted for the optimal viewer experience. This also means the presenters can focus on the task at hand and not be concerned with mundane tech geekery.

The nature of this work is usually high pressure with compressed timeframes – and those are conditions under which I (strangely) thrive.