Corporate Media

Overkill is underrated.

It’s possible to approach the humble corporate promotion with the same production values that make a good TV commercial or short film stand out. I’ve been lucky to grow this part of my business solely through repeat and referral clientele. I aim to let the work speak for itself and, to do that, I throw all the nerdy toys I can at the problem. Cinema-quality cameras and lenses, motion-control timelapse, original motion graphics – and pacing and style that differentiates a video from the opening frames. Many of my clients look to me for script-writing all the way through to the finished product.

I’ve filmed CEOs and MDs of some of the biggest companies in Australia, and I know how to get the best out of them. Every industry has its own vernacular and priorities. With every project, I make a point of familiarising myself with these elements from the outset while, at the same time, putting myself in the shoes of the uninitiated – all to ensure a cogent story can be told to a broad audience.