Live Events

There’s nothing more satisfying as a creator than seeing a room full of patrons experiencing a quality piece of content live.

I got my start in live events. When you can hit that nexus between presentation/display technology and the perfect piece of content, you can have a crowd eating out of your hand. Why resort to death-by-Powerpoint when you can make them feel they’re at the movies…with themselves as the stars. When it comes to conferences, gala awards and launches, there’s one truism that can’t be denied – people love to see themselves on screen. I’ve produced elaborate comedy short films to introduce the MCs of huge awards galas, and holographic ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ projections to launch a range of products hovering around a CEO, and I’ve taken drab clip-art-ridden Powerpoint decks and turned them into ultra-HD motion video presentation suites.

But the greatest piece of content in the world is next-to-useless if, on the big day, the AV crew stuffs it up. That’s why for my biggest clients, I get involved from the earliest stages to help spec the gear and engage the right suppliers – professionals on the cusp of AV tech who think creatively rather than just trying to pay off outdated kit. Conference attendees are often serial event patrons. They’ve seen it all. Finding the right screen solution, matched with dynamic lighting and surround sound, is the only way to wake them up and keep them engaged. And then it’s all down to seamless show planning – perfect segues between speakers with pre-recorded voiceover/music packages, looping animated wallpapers to constantly keep the screen alive, and motion graphics synchronised across multiple surfaces in unexpected ways. I tech-direct most of my shows, often bringing my own playback equipment to feed the content to screen with curated playlists.

Much of my work in this space is commercial-in-confidence internal content for large multinationals, so I’m unable to make samples publicly available. If you want to do something a bit left-field, I can bring some show-and-tell to a face-to-face meeting and throw some ideas around.