It’s fair to say that Final Cut Pro has revolutionised professional post-production. But not all Final Cut Pro setups are created equal. The core of our system is Apple XSan and the new Final Cut Server. This gives us the ability to connect multiple editors to the same media at the highest speeds, without any corruption or data loss. The system is easily scalable and entirely secure. We currently have three 2K realtime suites connected to the XSan. Our main edit suite features a grading theatrette with a 110″ screen fed by a hi-end 1080p DLP cinema projector. The grading suite utilises a custom console similar to those seen in DaVinci-esque setups.

Final Cut Server provides remote edit and collaboration for our editors and clients. We can preview projects on laptops, edit in the field and then seamlessly link the projects back-to-base. Clients can login from anywhere in the world and view edits-in-progress, make notes and approve projects. This level of access and automation has increased our productivity and accountability no-end.