About this project

Shot on Hawk anamorphic lenses, the concept that came from the band/management was the story of a child who dreamt of making a mirror suit he could bounce lasers off while doing donuts on a motorbike. My challenge was to bring that to life without bricking one of my RED cameras from an errant laser beam hitting the sensor.

Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
D.O.P/Editor/Colorist: Dan Graetz
Laser Technician/B-Cam Operator: Jaymis Loveday
Production Designer: Robbie Porter
Hair/make-up: Amanda Beech
Runner/BTS: Ryan Greaves
Stunt Rider: Anthony Pink
Young Boy: Kenny Aitken
Work Experience/Mirror Suit Creators: Eryn Matheson, Bella Donovan, Jesse Bradford, Jamison Porter & Indigo Porter