About this project

Our concept for the 2010 Lord Mayor’s Business Awards centred around what was, at the time, an emerging audiovisual technique – projection mapping. In collaboration with Loud Events, we constructed a series of blank ‘skyscrapers’, each reminiscent of iconic buildings in the Brisbane skyline. We hit these with HD projections from multiple angles, giving the impression of the buildings being constructed in front of the audience. At the time, realtime projection mapping was in its infancy so, for us, this meant calculating the exact geometries of the projections on the day of the event, followed by a nerve-wracking trip to a local render farm to recompile the entire show.

The next year we followed up with a documentary piece discussing Brisbane’s recovery from the devastating floods of 2011. This was especially poignant for graetzmedia, as our industry-leading West End studio had been lost to floodwaters that year.