About this project

‘Holland’ was a short-lived band fronted by Jarryd James prior to his solo career. This clip was a huge collaboration on all fronts – in particular with an incredible artist by the name of Karl Kwasny. Jarryd, Shane Graham (Holland’s guitarist) and I workshopped the concept of creating a piece of art that needed to be destroyed to be understood. Karl made that a reality.

The two-day shoot itself was a bloody nightmare. The warehouse we secured to shoot in was situated above a building of apartments in a gentrified valley neighbourhood, and we completely underestimated how the sound would travel through the concrete slab. The residents were not impressed, and the warehouse owner gave us our marching orders after the first day of filming. Miracle-worker, Benjamin Evans, convinced him to let us return, albeit for a fraction of the time we’d hoped for. The whole saga is contained in another popular behind-the-scenes clip.