About this project

Inspired by Alfonso Cuaron’s famous oner from ‘Children of Men’, this clip involved buying a junker, cutting a hole in the roof and mounting my motion control system upside down so I could lie in the boot, covered in old blankets and skateboards, while maintaining the ability to move the camera smoothly into any position in the car. The behind-the-scenes clip of this project was possibly more popular than the music video itself.

Director/DP/Editor/Colorist: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
Moco Tech: Jaymis Loveday
1st AD: Benjamin Evans
2nd AD:
Lauren Panrucker
Hair/Make-up: Lara Malengret
Runner/BTS: Curtis Black
BTS: Jean-Paul Malengret
Car Fabricator: Andrew Horton
Cast Driver: Mikey Wulff
Female Passenger: Hannah Wagner
Male Passenger #1: Tom Butler
Male Passenger #2:
Cole Orr