About this project

One-shot with mixed framerates – 50fps in the verses and 20fps in the choruses – with no cuts. This one was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2014 ARIA Awards. Usually a oner means minimal post-production. In this case it was a labour of love, manually retiming the band performance back onto the beat (I’d given them Mission: Impossible, musically speaking), and pushing the raw capabilities of the RED to its limit – keyframing kelvin to maintain perfect white balance as the steadicam moved from daylight to tungsten and back again.

Director/Steadicam: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
DP/Editor/Colorist: Dan Graetz
1st Assistant Camera: Jaymis Loveday
2nd Assistant Camera: Brian Loewe
Playback/Gaffer Assist: Dane Hansen