About this project

Opener for the 2019 CIMIC AGM.
Shot in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, this piece was pulled together under enormous time pressures to coincide with CIMIC’s Annual General Meeting. We went from concept to completion in a little over a month. Most of the filming was done with only a two-man crew using graetzmedia’s RED Monstro 8K full-frame camera and Atlas Orion anamorphic primes to achieve a cinematic aesthetic. The voiceover was recorded by the three CIMIC employees featured on screen, and their comments were co-written by myself and my talented sister, Elizabeth Graetz (Marketry).

graetzmedia also produced the AGM itself, working with our preferred AV suppliers to deploy a unique 8K curved projection surface. For this I created a suite of high-resolution animated graphics to accompany addresses from the Chairman and CEO – a dynamic alternative to the usual death-by-Powerpoint.

Director/Cinematographer/Colorist/Motion Graphics: Dan Graetz
Co-writers/Producers: Dan Graetz & Elizabeth Graetz (marketry.com.au)
B-camera: Dave May
Editors: Dan Graetz & Matthew Nyhuis
Audio mastering: Joel Hodgkinson