Lord Mayor’s Business Awards 2010

Having supplied content and technical direction for the 2008-09 Lord Mayor’s Business Awards, 2010 was chance to try something different.  In a collaboration with Loud Events and IVMotion we decided to execute one of the first projection-mapped awards ceremonies in the country.  The concept was to build 3-dimensional set pieces of key buildings in the Brisbane CBD, and bring them to life on stage using geometrically precise High Definition projections.  To take the concept a step further, we also decided to synchronise animations on the buildings to the graphics packages for each award category.  In addition, Graetzmedia produced a documentary opening piece featuring past winners and luminaries from the Brisbane business community – which once again was synchronised with animations on the set pieces simulating the construction of the Brisbane skyline.

Here’s a short look at the night and the preparation involved:

Here’s the documentary intro we produced featuring former Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, past LMBA winners & key Brisbane business leaders:

Today’s Science Experiment: Wireless Recording of RED Camera footage with Teradek Cube

We’ve had our Teradek Cube wireless video encoder for a while, but the newest firmware upgrade enables something we’re rather excited about: Proxy recording from RED cameras.

Setup is reasonably complicated, involving a wireless router, file server, and client software installed on iPads. Once it’s all slotted together though, it allows us to view each shot immediately after it’s captured on camera.

Wirelessly. On freaking iPads. Fun times.

Today's science experiment: Wireless recording of @RED_Cinema footage using @Teradek Cube: