Hungry Kids of Hungary – “Sharpshooter”

Sometimes it’s great to get back to music video basics and shoot a straight-up performance clip. Hungry Kids of Hungary are Brisbane indie-rock mainstays, putting on killer live shows with impeccable musicianship. A perfect fit for a performance in Brisbane’s newly refurbished indie venue, Black Bear Lodge.

In no way was this a thinly-veiled excuse for Dan to play with a T-Rex Superscope lens:

Dan and T-Rex



Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
DP/Editor/Colourist: Dan Graetz
B Cam operator: Jaymis Loveday
Gaffer: Steve Gordon
Grip: Shane Graham
Make-up: Sophie Fry
1st/2nd ac: Bryce Stroud
BTS cam op: Jen Dainer
Make Up: Sophie Ann Fry
Shot at Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley.

Ball Park Music – “Bad Taste Blues, Pt. 2”

While brainstorming Bad Taste Blues Part II out loud in the car one day, my beautiful wife said, “what if the band are villains that try to do evil but can only do good?”
… and we were off to the races.

From there the Graetzmedia team swung into action. I fleshed out the concepts and created my legendary invisible storyboards (I can’t draw okay), Ben pulled together talent, costumes and locations on a shoestring and a prayer, while Jaymis ably accepted another random challenge, creating a belt that could be wirelessly popped open by remote control – because.

Ejector Pants

In a series of brief and surprisingly relaxed shoots with a harmonious albeit skeletal crew, the ideas came to life thanks to the always engrossing performances of the Ball Park Musics (in particular one Samuel Cromack who’s vaudevillean acting chops are beginning to threaten his day job as rock star), and the freshman appearance of Luke Constable who nailed my ‘stoked but naive’ brief on the first take and then proceeded to fearlessly execute a series of unrehearsed tumbles onto a crash mat thinner than Ghandhi’s bedroll.


Then the files went into the ‘puter and with a single swipe of the saturation slider the world was bathed in monochromatic shades, leaving the piece to be carried only by the strength of performance, concept, aaand…I want to say framing??

Sam Saw

Our fellow crims at IVmotion helped salvage our feeble compositing efforts, bringing credibility to the blockbuster underderps brand Bropants that came to me in a moment of cranial flatulence, and the clip wath done.

Berl Perk Merblerk

It’s awful nice to work with a band game to venture into the ridiculous with gusto. If I’d gone to them and said, “so you wear your underpants on the outside, someone rubs their fake nipple, you all look really awkward and a dude’s pants fall down by magic…oh and there’s no colour” they may not have gone for it. But now that I think of it the pitch didn’t have THAT much more meat on it…

– Dan Graetz


Written & Directed by: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
Technologist/B-camera: Jaymis Loveday
DP/Editor/Colorist: Dan Graetz
Make-up: Renae Michel
Camera asst: Brian Loewe
Camera asst: Kieran Harris
Production asst: Josh Logan


The Guy: Luke Constable
The Villain: Sam Cromack
Band: Ball Park Music
Air Hostess 1: Amie Jenkinson
Air Hostess 2: Katrina Mathews
Airt Hostess 3: Georgia Yovich
Air Hostes 3: Rhian Thomas
Bus Stop Talent Scout: Steph King
Bus Stop Mope 1: Jaymis Loveday
Bus Stop Mope 2: Josh Logan

Ball Park Music – ‘Surrender’

It’s a rare and satisfying thing to work with genuinely talented un-autotuned musicians (Holland being another exception). Even better when they give you free creative reign and then turn up on the day mustard-keen and comfort-zone-agnostic.

Such was the case with Brisbane geniuses Ball Park Music.  The first single from their impending second album release is ‘Surrender’.  They were in the middle of recording said album with master of all things analog, Matt Redlich at his new studio Grandma’s Place – a cosy wood-panelled labyrinth of vintage goodness that we couldn’t have outdone with a legion of art directors.  Matt was generous enough to offer the space for the shoot and even cameoed in one of the Hitchcock-zoom-reveals peppered throughout the clip.

With the recent addition of lens control to our invaluable camBLOCK motion-control rig (see Z-Flex Skatelapse), we could execute the famous Hitchcock-zoom (aka dolly-zoom) over slow, controlled takes.  It also gave us some nice multi-pass motion control for the second shoot day at a local Brisbane church – allowing us to stack the band members repeatedly to form the Ball Park Singers.

Throw in a bit of seed-raising motion-control timelapse overseen by Paul the Pied-Piper Horticulturalist (and keyboardist for the band), and plenty of ring-lit closeups and that’s ‘Surrender’.  Ball Park Music are an exceptional band, and proper-nice people deserving of all the success and exposure they can handle.

Director/DP/editor/colorist: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
Motion-control technician/horticulturalist: Jaymis Loveday
Gaffer: Jack Moffatt
Camera assistant: Lachlan Hughes
Makeup: Sophie Fry
Makeup work experience:  Stephanie Holm & Allanah Cooper
Grip: Shane Graham
BTS/stills photographer: Jen Dainer
Compositing: Hans van Vliet for IVMotion

Stan Walker – ‘Light It Up’

Sony approached us in mid-August to put together concepts for 2009 Australia Idol winner Stan Walker’s latest single ‘Light It Up’.  The brief was simple – ‘Stan on his own, and lots of pyro’.  After finding that a couple of simple propane cannons would consume over half the budget of the clip – we decided to go the DIY route and make the most of legal ‘consumer’ explosives (sparklers & party poppers).  Jaymis was simultaneously a kid-in-a-candy-shop and a bull-in-a-china-shop – attacking the project with his usual gusto and ninja-savant innovation.  Before long we were constructing our own Ruben’s Tubes (a YouTube sensation of recent times) but of course taking them up a notch by using 6 individual tubes – each triggered by separate stems of the song.  Add in some DMX audio triggered lighting effects and there you have it.  2 days before the shoot we found out a team of dancers would be turning up – and with an already packed shot list there was only one solution – RED Epic 300 frames-per-second. 7 days after the treatment we were shooting; 12 days after the shoot the clip was out.


Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
Concept: Dan Graetz & Jaymis Loveday
Special Effects Artist: Jaymis Loveday
Lighting Director: Jen Dainer
Editor & Colorist: Dan Graetz
Camera operators: Benjamin Evans & Tristan Houghton
1st camera assist: Dan Maddock
2nd AC/Data wrangler: Dan Rice
Playback operators: Jaymis Loveday & Matt Nyhuis
Gaffer: Luc Cartillier
Gaffer assist: Qiu Yang
Grip: Chris Driutti
Grip assist: Matthew Mason
Special Effects Assistant: Martin Smith
Unit Manager: Rachel Liebenschmidt
Behind the scenes camera: Brian Loewe & Jay Topping

Holland – ‘No Control’

‘No Control’ is the debut single for Brisbane band Holland.  Sony Music Australia and the band selected our music video pitch based on its collaboration between music and installation art.  We worked with Karl Kwasny and Kelly Bastow of fame to create a large-scale multilayered art piece to feature in the clip.  Here you can see the clip as well as a fast-paced look at the production (below).

Behind the Scenes: Holland – No Control


Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Ben Evans
DP: Jonas McQuiggin
Motion Control Timelapse: Jaymis Loveday
Production Manager: Jonny Graetz
Artists: Karl Kwasny, Kelly Bastow
Editor & Colorist: Dan Graetz
A cam Assist: Jonny Graetz
B cam Assist: Dan Maddock
B cam operator: Brad Francis
A&B Cam 2nd assist: Chris Reig
Gaffer: Luc Cartillier
Gaffer assist: Qiu Yang
Grip: Mick Smith
Grip assist: Digby Hogan
Art Director: Corey Baudinette
Set builder/standby props: Robbie Porter
BTS camera/work experience: Miki Clarke, Dan Rice, Matt Nyhuis