Live GoPro Visuals with Hunz at Ten10

One of Graetzmedia’s favorite collaborators is Brisbane musician and motion graphics ninja Hans van Vliet, aka Hunz.

On Friday we joined with Hunz and director Jonas McQuiggan to put together a collaborative audiovisual piece as the finale performance of Ten10 Brisbane.

8 GoPro cameras were attached to Hunz head, wrist, microphone & keyboard,  Phil’s bass and Ritchie’s drumkit, then all fused together via Jaymis’ Vixid video mixer and beamed out across 3 separate projection screens.

Jonas brought in three fantastic Kinoflo Single fixtures, which look like naked fluorescent bulbs while giving flicker-free light. Without any house illumination, they gave the band a beautifully cyberpunk look.

The performance was an intense 20 minutes, with Dan running video effects and feedback via Kaoss Pad Entrancer, Jonas calling shots and troubleshooting camera connections, and Jaymis mixing everything together.