GM wins ACS Gold for “Z-Flex Skatelapse”

We’re uber excited to have been awarded a Golden Tripod at the Australian Cinematographers Society awards, held at the Novotel Manly Pacific in Sydney!

It was one of those projects that required no internal discussion, workshopping or debate. We all know what we wanted to achieve, and it turned out precisely as envisioned.

To celebrate, we’re releasing a little Behind The Scenes video. We’ve had rather a lot of people – cinema nerds and otherwise – asking how it was done. So we hope this demystifies the process a little:

We Have Moved

We’re extremely proud to officially announce we’ve taken over The Studios Formerly Known as Zoom in West End, Queensland. This provides an enormous increase in our capabilities, including two large cyclorama stages, along with extensive edit suite and production office space. Stay tuned for further details on the launch of our new facility.