Violent Soho ‘Like Soda’

For the first single off their soon to be released album ‘Waco’, the band’s brief for the corresponding music video was simple: Crackerjack¬†meets First Date

Step 1: Make yourself forget that the budget is 1/100th of the Blink 182 reference

Step 2: Find a bowls club whose greens are still recovering from the 2012 Brisbane floods and whose super helpful staff will therefore allow musicians to cavort on the playing fields

Step 3: Buy a small drone and practise flying it at least twice

Step 4: Confirm your public liability insurance is still in place

Step 5: Assemble a first-rate cast & crew including ambitious makeup artists who will attempt old-man-ifying on a fraction of the required budget

Step 6: Pray no-one cops a drone to the head, and that the latex won’t melt off the band’s faces in 35 degree heat.

Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
Prod. co: Graetzmedia

Story DOP: Brad Francis
Band DOP: Dan Graetz
Steadicam Op: Gary Collins
B Cam Operator: Brian Loewe
Focus Puller: Liam Brennan
Editor/Colorist: Dan Graetz
Gaffers: Jono Voyce, Luc Cartillier
Make Up: Belinda Nicoll
Wardrobe: Karmyn Thomas
Camera Assistant: Cathryn Evans
BTS: Jonny Graetz
Production Assistants: Ben Gerbanas & Alex Cummings
Makeup Assistants:
Hayley Creagh
Olivia Fotheringham
Danielle Visser
Alannah Miller
Shantel O’Reilly

Joylene Stanley
Maree Reed
Colleen Saunders
Mary Remedios

Rodney Remedios
Allan Todd
Paula White
William Green
Julie Dryden
Kevin Dean
John Tiplady
Ian Johnston

Special thanks to Todd Harding and Bardon Bowls club.