The Truth About Money In Music

On the strength of the Saramona Said clip I was approached by global alcohol brand, Jack Daniel’s to take part in their new #JDFutureLegends initiative aimed at supporting one-off music-related creative projects.  In early discussions I got the impression that some artists were reluctant to get tangled up with corporate money and risk being labelled as ‘sellouts’ – an understandable concern.  I pitched them a micro-documentary idea based on getting the entire scenario out in the open and asking bands some honest questions about the industry. I was skeptical going in as it’s difficult not to be jaded when it comes to ‘branded-content’, but surprisingly I was given complete creative freedom to tell the story the way I wanted.  The micro-doc has had a huge reaction from the music industry, fans and the media.  I hope to expand this into a feature-length doc that explores the true value of original music in Australia and abroad.
– Dan Graetz