The Jungle Giants ‘A Pair of Lovers’

The Jungle Giants approached us with an unique idea they’d concocted featuring guitarist Cesira’s younger brother – a kid who is way too cool for his age.  From there it was up to us to figure out how to construct a mirror-ball suit safe enough for a stunt rider to wear, and then shoot amidst a field of bouncing laser beams – any one of which could have fried our cameras if it hit the lens at the wrong angle.  Fortunately it all came together in the end, thanks in no small part to the beautiful Hawk anamorphic lenses we used for their flarey, cinematic goodness.

Directed by Dan Graetz
Produced by Benjamin Evans
DoP/editor/colorist: Dan Graetz
Laser Technician B cam operator:  Jaymis Loveday
Production Designer: Robbie Porter
Hair/Make up: Amanda Beech
Runner/BTS: Ryan Greaves
Stunt Rider: Anthony Pink
Young boy: Kenny Aitken
Work Experience / mirror suit creators: Eryn Matheson, Bella Donovan, Jesse Bradford, Jamison Porter, Indigo Porter