Pfizer Australia – National Sales Conferences

Over the last 6 years, Graetzmedia have played a key role in the production and execution of Pfizer Australia’s National Sales Conferences.  This annual week-long event caters to 600+ delegates and is held in capital cities around Australia, as well as Hong Kong and, most recently, Borneo.  For these events we perform the following services:

  • Creative direction & scriptwriting
  • Audiovisual specification, management & technical direction
  • Opening Ceremony production (including pre-produced multimedia features)
  • Awards Ceremony/Gala Dinner production
  • Highlights Documentary (a comprehensive feature shot & edited onsite recapping the events of the week)
  • Powerpoint embellishments

Here’s a sample from the 2011 Borneo event – the first multimedia feature of the Opening Ceremony.  We captured this material in a 2-day recce to the location several months prior to the event (2-days, 2-man crew, 2 camera backpacks):

For the 2010 Perth conference we deployed a super-widescreen comprising of 3 widescreen HD projections seamlessly blended.  Using the ‘8-times-High-Definition’ resolution of our RED cameras we were able to shoot content that could completely fill this unique aspect ratio.  This included multi-camera interviews and a tongue-in-cheek learn-to-surf piece shot at Bondi Beach featuring the directors of the company.  Here’s a short peek behind-the-scenes:

The majority of our work with Pfizer is in conjunction with Medical Meetings, an exceptional event management company headquartered in Sydney.  Here’s MM’s Managing Director, Stephen Turner on our working relationship thus far:


For an extended period of 6 years, Medical Meetings and Face to Face Event Management have been engaged with Daniel Graetz of Graetz Media working across a range of diverse and complex multimedia projects.

Our clientele such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Toyota, Boehringer Ingelheim and Wyeth can be some of the most demanding clients in the business. The projects Graetzmedia have undertaken include:-

  • Major Conference Openings for 600+ delegates
  • Full scale multi-media production from brief to delivery of a range of Corporate Films.
  • A detailed Corporate Profile of Pfizer Australia completed in 2010 which is now used as their induction for all new employees.
  • Major Awards nights with a AUD $250,000 budget
  • Highlights DVDs which capture a week’s conferencing in complete High Definition footage.
  • The quality of these highlights reels are perhaps the best produced in the country of which our clients are the winners.

Each year that we undertake a project with Graetzmedia they not only tackle the brief head-on but surpass the expectation every time. The Graetzmedia team can complete the work of a crew of 20 with an amazing approach to the business by embracing new technology and having a streamlined and dedicated crew which rarely exceeds half a dozen personnel.

We will continue to work with Graetzmedia ongoing as they have become an essential part of our team when we undertake these large programs of which the overall budget can often exceed $3.5M. Likewise, for smaller projects, their ability to be agile and match a budget is also evident when required.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Graetzmedia as they have never at any point during our professional life-span, ever fallen short of an exceptional delivery. I have also monitored the progress of their creative talents which extend into a range on interactive and creative services their firm are looking to provide in 2011 and beyond.

Stephen Turner
Managing Director
Medical Meetings