Penny Skateboards – Plastic Pride

Pushing hard out of our Jimmy Plumer Skatelapse collaboration with ZFlex, we produced a 30(ish) second spot for Penny Skateboards, titled “Plastic Pride”.

From script through to post-production, Graetzmedia conceived, carried and birthed this quirky plastic baby, with help from an immensely talented and committed group of collaborators. Spending a couple of days & nights in a smooth-floored warehouse filled to the roof with skateboards is a big ask, but the whole crew dealt with it admirably.

Behind The Scenes of Plastic Pride

Check out a rapid breakdown of how we put each scene together:


The Boy: Seamus Evans
The Girl: Ellie Valentie

Writer & Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Benjamin Evans
Animatronics & Pyro: Jaymis Loveday
Lighting Director: Jen Dainer
Production Designer: Robbie Porter
Editor: Dan Graetz & Jaymis Loveday
Motion Graphics: Jono Shaw
Post-production: Graetzmedia
Compositing: IV Motion
Colorist: Dan Graetz
Soundtrack: Matt Redlich
Camera Operator: Dan Graetz
Motion Controlled Camera Operator: Jaymis Loveday
1st camera assist: Brian Loewe
Art Dept Assistant: Marisa Bartolini
Gaffer: Jack Moffat
Gaffer Assistant: Qiu Yang
SFX Make Up: Carla Mckeever
Make Up Artist: Sophie Ann Fry
Wardrobe: Chantelle Dixon
Work Experience / BTS Camera: Matt Nyhuis & Brian Loewe
Caterers: Blackboard Catering
Crew Agent: Crew Tube

Grading Comparison

As an additional behind-the-scenes feature, here’s a before and after Grading Comparison showcasing Dan’s ninja coloring skills.