Legacy Way Visitors’ Centre

Opening in May 2011, the Legacy Way Visitors Centre in Toowong, Brisbane blends information exhibition with experiential marketing. In less than 9 weeks, Graetzmedia have transformed a section of standard office fitout into a microcosm of what will be the eventual Legacy Way tunnel project, with 4 distinct zones including a High Definition meeting room, interactive tunnel experience, and two zones representing the Western & Eastern tunnel portals.

The project has since been featured in several industry publications including AV Magazine and InDesignLive

In addition to the design & construction of the centre, we also created an entirely new software package to deploy mixed media on multitouch displays, along with the creation of unique content across the 5 displays in the centre.  As the project has not yet commenced in earnest, this content was primarily 3D animation and interview material.

Here’s a brief testimonial from our key contact at Transcity, Community & Stakeholder Manager Benjamin Smith,

Dan, Corey and the team have provided intuitive, flexible and industry leading products and services in their delivery of the Legacy Way Visitor’s Centre.

They have taken some disconnected concepts and given the centre and the project and atmosphere and an identity that is up there with the best of our expectations.

Dan’s ability to apply creative direction and Corey’s ability to deliver complimentary physical elements make for a great team and product offering that I recommend highly to anyone that needs to take a creative concept from a discussion to an experience.

Benjamin Smith
Community & Stakeholder Manager
Transcity Joint Venture

Transcity’s Successful Bid for Legacy Way

Legacy Way is being designed and constructed by the Transcity joint venture. Graetzmedia produced a suite of multimedia to support Transcity’s initial bid for the project.