Holland – ‘No Control’

‘No Control’ is the debut single for Brisbane band Holland.  Sony Music Australia and the band selected our music video pitch based on its collaboration between music and installation art.  We worked with Karl Kwasny and Kelly Bastow of monaux.com fame to create a large-scale multilayered art piece to feature in the clip.  Here you can see the clip as well as a fast-paced look at the production (below).

Behind the Scenes: Holland – No Control


Director: Dan Graetz
Producer: Ben Evans
DP: Jonas McQuiggin
Motion Control Timelapse: Jaymis Loveday
Production Manager: Jonny Graetz
Artists: Karl Kwasny, Kelly Bastow
Editor & Colorist: Dan Graetz
A cam Assist: Jonny Graetz
B cam Assist: Dan Maddock
B cam operator: Brad Francis
A&B Cam 2nd assist: Chris Reig
Gaffer: Luc Cartillier
Gaffer assist: Qiu Yang
Grip: Mick Smith
Grip assist: Digby Hogan
Art Director: Corey Baudinette
Set builder/standby props: Robbie Porter
BTS camera/work experience: Miki Clarke, Dan Rice, Matt Nyhuis