Documentary: Art from the Margins

In recent times a new community of artists has formed from the margins of society. Under the guidance of a handful of dedicated community groups, a diverse range of challenged individuals are finding a voice through painting and sculpture. These are people who would otherwise find it difficult or near-impossible to communicate how they feel, who they are, where they’ve been and what they dream of becoming. Despite personal and social barriers of disability, mental illness, disadvantage, social isolation, race and trauma, exciting new art is being created – and exhibited to the rest of society.

Midway through 2012, Graetzmedia were approached by a not-for-profit arm of the Wesley Mission called Art From The Margins. This organisation works to support and promote the work of artists from marginalised backgrounds through training and exhibitions. Since 2008 they have held a major exhibition and awards ceremony as part of the annual Brisbane Festival. They had recently received a grant from the Ian Potter Foundation for the promotion of their activities and offered us a portion of the grant to produce a 3-5minute corporate promo.

As we began to hear the stories of the incredible individuals they worked with, it quickly became apparent that this was worthy of something more than a simple promo. We offered to produce a 20-30 minute documentary piece by donating the majority of the crew, equipment and post-production required. What resulted was a 24 minute film that played at a small gathering of the artists and their families, and is now being shared with the world.