Red One MX: Basic Package

If you’re looking for a cheap run and gun package that can get you shooting straight away, then we have a package for you. We’ve stripped back all the extras and put together a basic lightweight kit of necessities to reduce the cost and get you shooting faster. This rig is ideal for hand held set ups or where shooting requirements are minimal.

Or if you’re fully crewed with a camera assistant and accessories, and looking for a basic body kit then this package will suit your needs.

Red One MX: Basic Package – $500 + GST

  • Red One MX body
  • 18-50mm Red Zoom lens
  • Arri Follow Focus – single-sided
  • Red EVF and 5.6″ LCD Monitor
  • 19mm Rails
  • Harley Bars
  • 2x Red V-Lock Batteries
  • 2x 320GB Red Brick hard drives
  • Red Battery Charger

Optional Extras

  • Arri MB-20 2 stage Matte box
  • 2 sided Follow Focus
  • Filter Set including: Nd’s .3,.6,.9,1.2, Circular true polariser filter.
  • Basic lens kit T2.8: 18-50mm, 50-150mm, 300mm