CamBLOCK Modular Motion Control

CamBLOCK is a modular motion control system which allows keyframe-able and repeatable Pan, Tilt and Dolly camera moves, as well as Focus/Iris/Zoom control.

Moves and lens adjustments can be played out in realtime or during a timelapse shoot spanning hours or days.

Graetzmedia are early camBLOCK adopters, and our kit includes everything they have available:

  • Pan, Tilt, and upgraded “Fast-Dolly” blocks, with an extra module for rotating objects or moving models
  • Lens control for keyframeable focus/zoom/iris
  • Joystick module for efficient camera control and move setup
  • 8m Horizontal rail kit, with spreaders for tripod use
  • Vertical rail counterweight kit, allowing up to 4m vertical move
  • Trigger box, for DSLR timelapse, bulb-ramping, and playback control (acts as a USB keyboard, sending a single or series of timed keypresses)

CamBLOCK is now available for hire with an experienced technician.  Contact us for rates and options.

Example videos

Z-Flex – Jimmy Plumer “Skatelapse”

Mixing slow-motion and timelapse footage, with the camBLOCK moving in horizontal configuration. This short won an Australian Cinematography Society “Golden Tripod” in the 2011 national awards.

Check out our Behind The Scenes video to see camBLOCK in action:

Timelapse Showreel

You can see samples of camBLOCK timelapse in the Graetzmedia Timelapse Showreel (if the camera is moving it’s either the camBLOCK or our motorised Skater Dolly):

Cowper – Morning Prayer

Before camBLOCK had an official focus module available, Jaymis modified our extra module to pull sharps for this innovative single-shot video. Try not to blink!