GM wins ACS Gold for “Z-Flex Skatelapse”

We’re uber excited to have been awarded a Golden Tripod at the Australian Cinematographers Society awards, held at the Novotel Manly Pacific in Sydney!

It was one of those projects that required no internal discussion, workshopping or debate. We all know what we wanted to achieve, and it turned out precisely as envisioned.

To celebrate, we’re releasing a little Behind The Scenes video. We’ve had rather a lot of people – cinema nerds and otherwise – asking how it was done. So we hope this demystifies the process a little:

GM takes Gold at Aust. Cinematographers Awards (Qld)

We are extremely proud to have been awarded Gold in the Experimental/Specialised category at the Australian Cinematographers Society (Qld) Awards.  This clip for veteran skateboard company Z-flex was a labour of love – and we thank them for extending copious amounts of patience and forbearance as it was finalised.

Huge thanks to all those involved:

Benjamin Evans – Producer, 1st AC
Jaymis Loveday – Motion control operator, compositor
Joel McIlroy – Skater
Rowland Cowper – Soundtrack
Matt Redlich – Sountrack editing
IVMotion – Compositing
Dan Graetz – Director/DP, editor, colorist

GM’s Epic article in Encore Magazine

We were approached recently by Encore Magazine to pen a review of the Epic camera system.  You can read the online version of Dan’s article here:

 The last four years have seen a massive shift in the way we capture the moving image. With revolutionary cameras such as the Epic and Arri’s Alexa offering terrific options for capturing filmic imagery without prohibitive stock and processing costs. It’s also exciting to see the places a compact unit like RED’s Epic might appear in future productions. We’ve already found angles and mounting options we never thought would be possible – and we’ve only just begun.