About Us

For some time now we’ve described our work as ‘concept to completion’. 95% of our business is repeat and referral, so generally a client will come to us at the earliest stages of a project where we can work with them on concept development right through to delivery. One of our strengths is our experience in live editing and our onsite technical flexibility. In particular, our live event multimedia offer gives us a unique edge in creating promotions and elements for memorable conferences, awards ceremonies, launches and gala dinners.

We film using the highest quality cameras currently available – RED Digital Cinema’s Epic system (the same cameras used to film features such as Prometheus, Spiderman & The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). This captures at a resolution more than double that of High Definition which means our corporate productions have that ‘Hollywood’ look as opposed to the ‘broadcast news’ standard that has normally been the benchmark.

We then move into post-production where we can offer dynamic 2D/3D animation, custom-designed soundtracks, voiceovers with some of the most recognisable voices in the country, and meticulous attention to every edit.

At the delivery stage we have in-house duplication capabilities for small DVD runs, and excellent partnerships with replicators for an endless variety of quantities and creative packaging. For productions aimed at a live event, we can provide on-site technical direction to ensure the elements you’ve spent time and money on match the room and theming, and play smoothly at exactly the right moment.

We offer a truly end-to-end service, streamlining our workflow and creatively combining new technologies in unique ways to achieve maximum impact.

To decide for yourself, have a look through the clients section for testimonials and clips from past projects.