Today’s Science Experiment: Wireless Recording of RED Camera footage with Teradek Cube


We’ve had our Teradek Cube wireless video encoder for a while, but the newest firmware upgrade enables something we’re rather excited about: Proxy recording from RED cameras.

Setup is reasonably complicated, involving a wireless router, file server, and client software installed on iPads. Once it’s all slotted together though, it allows us to view each shot immediately after it’s captured on camera.

Wirelessly. On freaking iPads. Fun times.

Today's science experiment: Wireless recording of @RED_Cinema footage using @Teradek Cube:

We Have Moved

We’re extremely proud to officially announce we’ve taken over The Studios Formerly Known as Zoom in West End, Queensland. This provides an enormous increase in our capabilities, including two large cyclorama stages, along with extensive edit suite and production office space. Stay tuned for further details on the launch of our new facility.