ARIA Nomination for ‘Covered In Chrome’


It’s a weird experience to google the ARIA nominations to see which of your favourite bands got the nod and see your own name there. We’re surprised and super-chuffed to have been included in the Artisan Award nominations for Best Video this year for our work on Violent Soho’s ‘Covered In Chrome’ clip. The awards are announced on 26 Nov and we’ll be there for a giggle and a few bevvys (and the full expectation that the enormous fan bases of one of the pop nominees will win the day). It’s a publicly voted category so if you’re into the clip you can throw it a vote here.

Filming in the Fetal Position


It’s been one of our most requested behind-the-scenes explanations – how we pulled off the single-shot clip for Violent Soho’s Saramona Said.  It was never going to be an easy story to tell within the average YouToober attention span but our best effort – Filming in the Fetal Position – is live now in the projects page.

ACS National Awards in the can

ACS award website banner

We were truly stoked to sponsor the ACS 43rd National Awards for Cinematography on the weekend.  GM directed the show and put all the screen content & nomination packages together.  Here’s a little promo clip we put together for the occasion:

GM takes Gold at Aust. Cinematographers Awards (Qld)

Pro-skater Joel executes 360flip over Bris CBD

We are extremely proud to have been awarded Gold in the Experimental/Specialised category at the Australian Cinematographers Society (Qld) Awards.  This clip for veteran skateboard company Z-flex was a labour of love – and we thank them for extending copious amounts of patience and forbearance as it was finalised.

Huge thanks to all those involved:

Benjamin Evans – Producer, 1st AC
Jaymis Loveday – Motion control operator, compositor
Joel McIlroy – Skater
Rowland Cowper – Soundtrack
Matt Redlich – Sountrack editing
IVMotion – Compositing
Dan Graetz - Director/DP, editor, colorist